Thursday, February 26, 2009


Had anyone heard about this animal, Axolotl? Guess most of u don't, I don't too. Today, I was checking my e-mails as usual and found out this interesting email from my friend that says about water animals (fish). While browsing over the pictures, this one attracted me, Axolotl:

Cute huh??

Here are some information about this animal:

"The axolotl is a species of tiger salamander that is found the lakes around Mexico City. It is a neotenous species of tiger salamander, retraining its gills throughout its life. It can be stimulated into metamorphosis, if certain hormones are introduced into its system or if it gets iodine treatments. The British naturalist Julian Huxley was among the first to cause metamorphosis in the axolotl using hormones. However, the metamorphosed axolotl is an unhealthy creature that lives only a year or two afterward. This lifespan is greatly shortened from the 10-15 years it would have experienced as a neotenous specimen.

They are found in these lakes, which are polluted, but pollution alone has not killed off the Axolotl. Carp and tilapia have been introduced. These fish have discovered tha Axolotl larvae are a good source of protein, and the axolotl cannot survive this level of predation.

Interestingly, even if this species went extinct in the wild, it would not be extinct in captivity. In fact, you can buy axolotls as pets, which are kept a diet of bloodworms, salmon pellets, and other food for carnivorous fish. It has been in capitivy for so long that different color morphs have been produced, including albino, yellow albino, and leucistic (like the one pictured at the top of the post)." - quoted from a website that resulted from Google's search.

Well, it is said that it can be pets but i wonder if they sell it in Malaysia? Hope I could see this Axolotl with my own eyes one day. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Japanese Food Feast!!


Mixed Fried Seafood~

Japanese Dumpling?

Hot place Seafood *zztt*

sushi sushi~~

went to this Japanese Food, Sendo Noya in Kuantan, just right the opposite of Berjaya Megamall. Erm, the food is nice but we ordered too much.. couldn't finish it and were forced to take away. HA HA HA.. what am embarassing moment that time.. :P

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hutan Lipur Berkelah Trip

yesterday, along with my housemates, loong, san chin, balloon, hann and waikit went to berkelah waterfall. we started our journey at 9.30am. it was a very beautiful place... the waterfall was a superb view. However, i didn't manage to get any pictures of it because we did not bring along our camera and handphones... sigh.... Guess next time i won't be too stupid not bringing camera along if im going for a trip.. hehehe...
The way up to the waterfall was very hard and dangerous. But maybe it was because we went up there bare footed and topless... had alot of scratches and minor injuries all over the legs and body. To get up the highest point, it took us almost an hour to reach there... it was realy tiring but worthy. Hope that i could go there again and take pictures.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First blogging attempt!

well, i've created an account for a very long time but never tried to start blog. But after seeing my roommate making one, felt that i'm a little outdated. Ha ha ha. Anyways, the reason i did not blog is just because i do not know start it.
I just finished organizing an event, a Chinese New Year event in my university. Well, everything went well. As for me, i think it something very good and can be kept as an exciting memory. Rushing proposals, letters, approval, meetings and work is what i've been doing for last 30 days. Ha ha ha. Finally, i knew that its not easy being a project manager and handle a university function. After the event, i received quite a lot of comments which i already expected. Different people have different views right? Well, which function will not have problems? Many complained about the price and food. Some said the performances were dull. Hmm.. I realised that fulfulling everyone's will is something hard to achieve. I couldn't get to satisfy everyone's need. But at least I tried to organize this event. For me, i think its far better than those who just sit down there complaining but don't do work. If they're so good, then why sit there? They should organize this instead. Unless those comments where meant for good to improve the next function, then I will sure accept it with an open heart. Throught this event, i also met some funny guys. Guys who are really good at taking advantage of u. However, lucky me. Ha ha ha. It's really funny when someone who is willingly to give a hand to you, then suddenly ask for advantages. If you are looking for advantages, and you know you can't get it then why still help? You should in the first place, don't volunteer! Okay, enough with the negatives. That night was totally amazing for me. Congrats and thanks to all the committee members! In this short time we have, we did something really out of our own picture. And very grateful to those who weren't the committee members helped me out willingly. Sorry that i couldn't do much but your deed will always be in my heart. THANK YOU!!!
I'm still waiting for the photos to be uploaded. When it's done i think i will try to post it up here. Hope that my second attempt of blogging will be better than this one. Ha ha ha. ^^v.